Valentin - Feb 2013

In 2006 my company in Italy sent me to the US to be part of our American branch in Houston. Sincerely, I did not know anything about immigration to the US. The Trillos-Ballerini firm was recommended to me. They handled the L1 visa fast and professionally with high attention and dedication. I only needed to sign forms and make an appointment at the US Embassy in Florence, Italy. I got the visa in just a few hours. I came to the US then on a working visa, but I didn't know anything about becoming a Permanent Resident. The Trillos-Ballerini firm followed up with me and taught me the immigration laws and all necessary steps to become a Permanent Resident. Again, I didn't have to do anything but follow the legal procedures. The firm took care of all necessary documents and submitted the documents for me to become a Permanent Resident in mid-2007. After few months all documents were approved, and consequently I became a Permanent Resident of the US in May 2008. It was a very fast process, smooth, and without any problems. I consider myself very lucky finding the Trillos-Ballerini firm, which literally took care of everything. The whole time during the process, they showed great quality, great attention, and most importantly great dedication to the case. This year I will complete another important step in my life: I will become American citizen after being a Permanent Resident for five years. I will definitely ask the Trillos-Ballerini firm to complete this process, and I'm sure they will show me again quality, attention, and dedication. I recommend the services of the Trillos-Ballerini firm to anyone who wants attention, dedication, quality and the case resolved!

Valentin — February 2013