Sunny - Feb 2013

Beatriz Trillos-Ballerini is the best darn immigration lawyer in Texas! She represented me for my immigration and company expansion into the United States in 2008. Over the next three and a half years she helped guide and process my initial L1A visa and renewal, and ultimately helped me and my wife get our Permanent Resident alien status (Green Card). She is the most knowledgeable, honest attorney I have ever met and her integrity is beyond reproach. Her professionalism has led me to refer other business professionals in my industry who were thinking of relocating to the US. Why? It's simple. She tells you the truth straight up the first time. She isn't one of those money-hungry lawyers who will string you along and tell you stories about how they're going to get you proper status, when all along they know it isn't possible and they're just trying to make money off your dreams or desperation. Hands down, when it comes to immigration law, Beatriz Trillos-Ballerini is your most knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer in Texas, and I wholeheartedly endorse her!

Sunny — February 2013