RODOLFO S - Mar 2015

I was trying to get my visa O-1 (outstanding visa) with our company's lawyer and that person spent months and got money for nothing. I had the chance in my life to find Beatriz Trillos-Ballerini and she got my O-1 visa in one month. After that, we started the process of our residence with her. We got our US residence in 8 months. Right now everybody in our family has a green card. Thanks to God for giving me the chance in my life to find a person like her. My experience in my life is that sometimes we do not trust in lawyers because they want your money, but she does not. She loves her job, and she is not only the best in Texas but also one of the best in America for immigration processes. If you need professional and trustworthy work, Beatriz Trillos-Ballerini is the right lawyer for you. Now she is the lawyer that handles all the immigration processes for the company I work for because of her results. Also I have recommended her to some of my oil and gas professional friends from Latin America and she did the same high quality job.

Rodolfo S. — March 2015