Rodolfo J - Feb 2016

My family and I want to extend our gratitude and satisfaction to lawyer Beatriz Trillos-Ballerini and staff for supporting us in the approval of the US permanent residence (EB-2). We are very pleased with Trillos-Ballerini Law Firm's services. They have done wonders for us and made the process easy and very understandable. Their extensive knowledge, speedy response and attentive service made us feel confident of dealing with immigration and visa applications. They are very generous with their time in explaining every step along the immigration process. You always feel the support of very talented professionals working hard to complete successfully your immigration process. We honestly can say that Trillos-Ballerini Law Firm is not just a talented and recognized immigration law firm in Texas, but also a strong supporter of their clients. So if you want to have the opportunity to change your life and have a good partner to help you do it, Trillos-Ballerini and her team will be the best partners that you will find. For all of these reasons, we strong recommend Trillos-Ballerini Law Firm to anybody who is looking for an immigration lawyer.

Rodolfo J. — February 2016