Moses - Sep 2013

After my immigration process was stuck for over a year I decided to hire a new lawyer to represent me. Even though my case was unusual, Beatriz Trillos-Ballerini kept on pushing me and the immigration service to get it resolved. After two years of ongoing requests and delays, she always kept giving me the feeling that it would be resolved and we would get the permanent residence. And she was right. I just received my green card for 10 years, and I have to say I owe it all to her. I suggest to anyone that needs to file a case to immigration or is stuck in a process, hire or change lawyers and if you're lucky you can get someone like Beatriz Trillos-Ballerini, who is very responsible, caring, and thorough in the cases she represents. Because of her, I am able to keep on with my life here in the US.

Moses — September 2013